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Javier Bardem interested in playing Bond 23 villain, LA Times says

The Los Angeles Times, in its Awards Tracker weblog, says Javier Bardem is interested in playing the villain in Bond 23, due out in November 2012. An exerpt:

Oscar nominee Javier Bardem is notoriously difficult when it comes to getting him to commit to a film, but he admits he has just been offered a part that will be hard to turn down.

Bardem recently met with director Sam Mendes to talk about playing the villain in the next James Bond film, temporarily titled “James Bond 23” and set for a Nov. 9, 2012, release.

The actor, who is Oscar-nominated for his lead work in the Spanish-language drama “Biutiful” and who won in 2008 for another villainous role in “No Country for Old Men,” hasn’t said yes to Mendes — yet. He wants to read the screenplay first.

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RIP John Barry

My friend Jim emailed me this morning informing me of the sad news that  veteran film composer, John Barry had died at age 77. We’re at a time  now where many of my favourite personalities are leaving us - I was also  very sad to hear of the passing of director, Blake Edwards a couple  weeks ago. Both John Barry and Blake Edwards were highly representative  of my favourite era of movies: the 1960’s. Yes, I know many movie buffs  won’t share my opinion of the films of that era, but I personally love  the STYLE of everything from the 60’s - in movies, music and television.  And both of these talented men helped to shape that style.

more on The Cartoon Cave by Pete Emslie

RIP John Barry

My friend Jim emailed me this morning informing me of the sad news that veteran film composer, John Barry had died at age 77. We’re at a time now where many of my favourite personalities are leaving us - I was also very sad to hear of the passing of director, Blake Edwards a couple weeks ago. Both John Barry and Blake Edwards were highly representative of my favourite era of movies: the 1960’s. Yes, I know many movie buffs won’t share my opinion of the films of that era, but I personally love the STYLE of everything from the 60’s - in movies, music and television. And both of these talented men helped to shape that style.

more on The Cartoon Cave

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"Moonraker" Live Blog!


Hover Gondola!

Live Blog Starts at 2.

:44 oh look that one airplane is giving the other a piggy back ride

1:21 so these guys were just hiding in the military grade shuttle craft. someone live in pre 9-11

2:13 listening to one side conversations are fun

2:50 can’t a guy make out with a girl and not get a gun to the face

3:41 oh looks it’s jaws. i guess he’s in this films as well then

4:07 i will say this about the moore years. they knew when to use the bond theme

5:05 it’s a bird, no it’s a plan, no it’s a eight foot man with metal teeth that kills people by biting them

5:38 jesus jaws is going to live through this. at this point he’s immortal

6:40 it’s a shirley bassey theme but it’s moonraker which makes me sad. a shirly bassey rendition of goldeneye i would kill for

7:21 is she suppose to be a space ship?

8:41 besides being a spaceship what the fuck does moonraker mean. they put it in the song it must mean something else. this being bond it’s probable a disguised sex position

10:00 “most secret”? what’s wrong with “top secret” i guess “some” people are allowed to know this

12:00 so bond goes straight to the bad guy. i guess i missed something

12:33 oh right he makes the moonraker shuttles.

13:10 why not just live in france?

14:23 my question is how many super billionaires live in this world? and once bond destroys their estates what happens after that?

15:20 bond is the worst spy ever. everyone knows his name his job and reputation

16:19 i’ve never heard someone say cucumber sandwich in such an evil way

17:03 dr. goodhead? that’s not a blowjob joke is it?

18:07 don’t act fucking surprised Bond! you’re not helping things.

19:05 stop it national geographic. i don’t watch bond for education i watch it for sexism and stupid action

19:58 if 20’gs can kill you then why allow the machine to go that fast

20:48 “you’re mother is stripping infront of the entire training crew next door” “i better go”

21:51 evidently bond is epileptic

22:51 thanks Q for giving bond the one gadget he needs to solve this particular problem only five fucking minutes ago

23:53 see bond was suspicious before but now the villain played his hand and bond knows he’s the villain. stupid fucking bond villains.

25:28 lady at least have sex with him first and then give him the info. he’s just getting a free fuck now

26:51 look lady you’re not trying very had to stop him so who’s really at fault here

27:37 he was just looking at her boob again.

28:05 at least the camera is easily identifyable as the one that has all the super secret picture on it.

28:53 what does this guy do? just hide around corners all the time

29:30 it was a sad day for birds everywhere. we will never forgot the atrocities of this day

31:32 this guy seems really new at this whole villain thing. all his attempts to kill bond have either been half assed or incompetent

33:00 and when he means terminating employement he actually means get eaten by dogs.


34:32 never put a james bond in a glass shop

36:35 bond you’re suppose to put some distant between yourself and the person your following

37:27 “…don’t bother, i’m a lesbian” Bond’s true nemesis

38:33 oh look christopher lee is back

38:49 FUCK YOU HOVER GONDOLA! i will take a lot of shit but this is too much

39:54 does venice really have stop lights?

40:22 fucking hover gondola

40:57 did that pegion just do a double take. fuck you movie fuck you

42:11 is it sad that i instantly think that scientist is german by just how he looks

42:33 ok when did close encounters come out. they had better not be stealing that.

44:14 now drink it and see what it does!!

45:09 well maybe you guys should have been haz mat suits or gas masks or something. for all i care you guys killed yourselves

46:00 nice job announcing when you are going to attack dumbass

47:30 there have been a lot of bad henchmen in the bond series so far but this guy takes the cake

48:30 i don’t think this guy even knows how to fight. he’s just yelling and striking out randomly

49:43 ok something came up and i have to go.  I’ll finish this later today

50:19 where are all these gadgets coming from? she’s worse than Q

51:06 there is nothing standard about any of this stuff

52:16 this man must have a boner twenty four seven. there is just no way one man can have this much sex and still be standing

53:49 que price is right failure song here

56:20 this is the one thing i won’t miss. the useless travel shots that show bond getting off planes, checking into motels, and just driving around

58:33 and bond is still wearing a tux in this. dude just relaxe.

59:56 the most terrifying image put to film.

1;00:36 it is time to fucking leave.

1:00:50 don’t walk up to him!

1:01:25 ummmmm you can escape now he’s not going to hurt you

1:02:24 “i guess i will party, i really wanted to kill bond but partying is the next best thing, if you insist”

1:03:35 when does rio  stop partying is the question? these people have been going for a day straight


1:07:55 hooray for awkaward fights that aren’t suspensful

1:09:30 and jaws brushes it off like nothing. such a cool dude. if his penis wouldn’t impale me i would have his man babies.

1:10:00 oh look, jaws in love! let my barf

1:11:19 her distraction methods are second too none, “just keep staring, just keep staring”

1:12:32 making the cast of jackass proud

1:14:35 i feel like the monks here should be objecting to some of this

1:15:40 and now bond is a herbologist.


1:17:32 This is a very sad day for the dummy race. this is a day that will live in infamy

1:18:38 is this a commercial for carlson boats. must be.

1:21:35 and so bond just followers her into a death trap

1:21:53: “what’s that dick? yeah i’ll totally keep following her in hopes to have sex with her.”

1:22:46 we’re getting really low on the evil animal here.

1:24:11 in any context that was a bad joke

1:25:27 this guy isn’t a villian he’s a cult leader

1:27:01 that’s a really good question with a really answer

1:28:16 this is the worst conference room ever.

1:29:44 they would still die

1:31:21 way to be alert guys you just allowed a woman and an aging man to knock you out

1:32:55 is no one else monitoring the sky’s right now? wouldn’t someone notice how many shuttles had just launched

1:34:30 guys just wait until we get to the station ok there is no reason to start now.

1:35:18 you’re in antigravity it doesn’t make you move slower bond

1:36:33 there had to be some initial investers for this project

1:37:58 this guy is never been in space before he’s just flaying around

1:39:11 wait how did she get on board?

1:40:15 this guy needs to work on his public speaking skills

1:41:43 this is the ministry of fucking goofy walking

1:42:39 way to go bond you get a gold star


1:43:20 “so guys about this thing that just showed up on our radars.”

1:44:24 “i found you. you’re turn to play hide and seek”

1:45:03 you were just saying letters. that means nothing

1:46:00 just shoot bond. it’s all you gotta dude

1:47:12 “…expect for you bond, i have no idea how to kill you. i have this gun but that doesn’t make sense.”

1:49:21 if one button could cause that much damage why can it be so easily accessed

1:50”29 i like how they have a shuttle that was prepared to be a troop carrier

1:50:56 LAZER BATTLE!!!

1:53:06 These are some weak ass laser guns.

1:54:03 why does that thing have 7 barrels.

1:54:23 and bond just airlocks a dude. harsh

1:55:00 IT’S ALIVE

1:56:25 everyone is wearing space suits but no one is wearing helmets.

1:56:57 and they leave jaws to die in space. assholes

1:57:58 you are about to die why are you smiling and waving goodbye like you’re going on vacation

1:59:58 these actually seems really easy they are in SPACE

2:00”56 she seems a little too calm

2:01:36 stay on target, stay on target

2:03:08 but he’s bond why would you do that

2:03:20 lol sex

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Film 007′s upcoming 50th anniversary: what was going on in 1962, anyway?

Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Next year is the golden anniversary of the first 007 film, Dr. No, and Variety has reported that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is “working up plans for a 2012 yearlong commemoration.” That got us to thinking about what was going on in the world in 1962, which quite a newsy year in a variety of ways.

Here are some examples of well-known, and lesser-known, events that year:

Jan. 15: NBC airs “La Strega” episode of Thriller, starring Ursula Andress, female lead of Dr. No, which will be the first James Bond film.

Jan 16: Production begins on Dr. No, modestly budgeted at about $1 million. Fees include $40,000 for director Terence Young and $80,000 each for producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, not counting their share of profits. (Figures from resarch by film historian Adrian Turner). Star Sean Connery tells Playboy magazine in 1965 that he was paid $16,800 for Dr. No.

Inside Dr. No, a documentary made by John Cork for a DVD release of the movie, says about 10 percent of the film’s budget went to the Ken Adam-designed reactor room set, where the climatic fight between Bond and Dr. No takes place. (Date of production start from research by Craig Henderson’s For Your Eyes Only Web site.

Jan. 17: Jim Carrey is born.

Feb 3: U.S. begins embargo against Cuba.

Feb. 20: John Glenn becomes first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth.

March 2: Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points as his Philadelphia Warriors team defeats the New York Knicks 169-147 in a game played in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Chamberlain achieves the feat by scoring 36 baskets and, perhaps most amazingly, by hitting 28 of 32 free-throw attempts. (Chamberlain was a notoriously bad free-throw shooter.) The player averaged 50.4 points per game in the 1961-62 season.

April 16: The Spy Who Loved Me, Ian Fleming’s latest 007 novel, is published. The novel takes a radical departure from previous Bond novels. The story is told in the first person by a female character, Vivienne Michel, with Bond not appearing until two-thirds of the way through the story. Fleming, in his dealings with Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, specifies only the title is to be used for any movie. Broccoli (after Saltzman departs the film series) does just that in the 10th film of the 007 series, which comes out in July 1977.

May (publication date, actual likely earlier): The Incredible Hulk, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuts in the first issue of his own comic book.

June 1: Nazi Adolph Eichmann executed in Israel.

July 3: Future Mission: Impossible movie star Tom Cruise is born.

July 12: Rolling Stones debut in London.

August (publication date actual date probably earlier): Amazing Fantasy No. 15 published, debut of Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, with cover by Jack Kirby and Ditko.

Aug. 5: Actress Marilyn Monroe dies.

Aug. 6: Michelle Yeoh, who will play Chinese secret agent Wai Lin in the 1997 Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, is born.

Aug. 16: Future Get Smart movie star Steve Carell is born.

Aug. 16: Ringo Starr joins the Beatles.

Sept. 26: The Beverly Hillbillies debuts on CBS. In a later season, Jethro sees Goldfinger in a movie theater and decides that being a “Double-Naught” spy is his life’s calling.

Oct. 1: Federal marshals escort James Meredith, first African American student at the University of Missippi, as he registers at the school.

Oct. 1: Johnny Carson, a few weeks short of his 37th birthday, hosts his first installment of The Tonight Show. He will remain as host until May 1992. At one point during Carson’s run on the show, he and Sean Connery reference how Carson’s debut on Tonight and Connery’s debut as Bond occurred at around the same time.

Oct. 5: Dr. No has its world premier in London. The film won’t be shown in the U.S. until the following year.

Oct. 14: A U.S. U-2 spy plane discovers missile sites in Cuba, beginning the Cuban Missile Crisis. The crisis will bring the U.S. and Soviet Union to the brink of World War III.

Oct. 22: President John F. Kennedy makes a televised address, publicly revealing the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Oct. 28: Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev announces the U.S.S.R. is removing its missiles from Cuba. (for a more detailed timeline of these events, CLICK HERE.)

Oct. 29: Ian Fleming begins three days of meetings with television producer Norman Felton concerning a show that will eventually be known as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (source: Craig Henderson) Fleming’s main contribution of the meetings is that the hero should be named Napoleon Solo.

Nov. 7: Richard Nixon loses race for governor of California, tells reporters “you won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.” He’ll be back.

Dec. 10: The David Lean-directed Lawrence of Arabia has its world premiere in London. The film’s crew include director of photography Freddie Young and camera operator Ernest Day, who will work on future James Bond movies. Young will photograph 1967′s You Only Live Twice. Day would be second unit director (with John Glen) on The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

For a more comprehensive list of significant 1962 events, CLICK HERE.

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007 questions now that Bond 23 is back on

A few key questions have been answered: we know Daniel Craig is coming back for his third 007 film, director Sam Mendes was finally confirmed and the names of the writers were disclosed. That just raises more questions about Bond 23, due to come out in November 2012. Here are some of the most obvious:

001. What’s the title? Remaining Ian Fleming short story titles include The Property Of a Lady (referenced already in Octopussy), Risico, The Hildebrand Rarity and 007 in New York. Few thought that Quantum of Solace would be used as a movie title, so the remaining are fair game, though it’s hard to imagine 007 in New York would be that appealing.

Of course, Eon bosses Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli don’t have to use a Fleming title. Fans have also speculated over the years that chapter titles from Fleming novels might be used. Your guess is as good as ours at this point.

002. Who’s John Logan? He’s a 49-year-old, Chicago-born writer, who has written both movies and made-for-television films, ranging from a genre movie (Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002), to a big costume drama/action movie (2000′s Gladiator, where he was part of a tag team of scribes) to a TV movie about the making of Citizen Kane, RKO 281.

Logan also was nominated for two Oscars, for Gladiator and The Aviator, a film biography of Howard Hughes. So Logan sports a varied resume.

003. Does John Logan have more enthusiasm for James Bond than Peter Morgan did? Some time back, Eon said they’d hired Morgan, a writer of politically themed movies mostly to work with with writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who’ve hung around the 007 series since 1999′s The World Is Not Enough.

Given Morgan’s comments after he stopped working on Bond 23, bordering on disdain for 007, it’s hard to imagine Logan has less enthusiasm compared to Morgan. It would be nice if Logan advanced further than Morgan did. After promising a story that would be “shocking,” Morgan never got past the treatment phase (essentially a detailed outline) and never even wrote a draft of a script.

004. Will Logan, Purvis and Wade pick up on that “shocking” story? After Quantum of Solace, we’d settle for an entertaining story. We’re also on record as saying it’d be nice if Bond 23 wasn’t “personal.” Time to give the “this time it’s PERSONAL!” theme a rest.

005. Is Judi Dench coming back as M? No word in the Jan. 11 press release by Eon Productions and MGM. Dench’s status is just one of casting questions, with others including who’s going to be the villain, female lead, etc.

006. What does Mendes coming aboard as director mean? It means that producers Wilson and Broccoli still aren’t giving up on their desire for critical respect after getting a taste of it for 2006′s Casino Royale. The question really is whether Mendes can do a better job that the one Marc Forster did with the muddled Quantum of Solace.

007. But aren’t you glad about this announcement? Of course. This blog has been getting more traffic about the new Hawaii Five-0 series lately than it has about James Bond. All those posts about MGM’s financial ills weren’t very fun. At least there’s something new to talk about.

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